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We are all small figures in the end of the world as we know it. THE ANTI-FAIR FOR INDEPENDENT ARTISTS. May 18-21, 2023 September 7-10, 2023 550 W 29th st, NY 10001

we are all small figures in the end of              the world as we know it.                                     said by Lotte Kjöller                                               THE ANTI-FAIR FOR INDEPENDENT ARTISTS

For the upcoming edition of Clio Art Fair we will be gladly hosting a series of performances that urge us to ask ourselves: 

Why is the life of most human beings dominated by discontent,

by anguish, by fear of war, by war? 


With these questions, Pasolini makes us reflect on how fights permeate our daily life: inside our home, in the workplace, in free time, within ourselves...
We all face conflicts. We are all unresolved. We are all puzzles under construction looking for the next key piece to be placed.


And you? What’s your fight?


The special Live Performance Section will take place during Clio Art Fair at 500 West 29th street, New York, NY the neighboring streets and Clio Art Fair Social Media Platforms.



CLIO ART FAIR is a curated fair born with the challenge to launch independent artists and showcase the careers and achievements of already affirmed creative minds.


By specifically targeting artists without any exclusive NYC representation, CLIO ART FAIR focuses its attention on the various kinds of contemporary artistic forms and interventions created by independent artists all over the world.


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