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 About Lotte Kjoeller Art

About Lotte Kjøller

My name is Lotte Kjoeller and I am a visual artist. I was born in 1966 in Køge, Denmark. I live in Hoersholm and work in Copenhagen, Denmark.


I create art in acrylic on canvas and as a painter I am known for putting several canvases together in a picture and painting all sorts of "crooked" formats in between. I also work with collage, watercolor, drawing, lithography, poetry, illustration and sculpture. In addition, I teach, am a curator, and give lectures. In 2020 I Invented a mixed form between photo and painting. I call it "painting with photo". My career has taken a turn, where photography is also included. Signatures is documented with a small photo in the lower right corner of the painting. My creative urge is great and I am curious and creative in many areas.



My actual debut took place at the Artists' Autumn Exhibition in 1995, but even before that, I had exhibited several meritorious places, and been in 3 years of master apprenticeship with visual artist Jeff Ibbo. At that time I was studying Art History at the University of Copenhagen. I followed up the success from 1995 with having three paintings accepted at the Artists' Autumn Exhibition in 1996. This boosted my career. So in the years 2000 and 2001 I was admitted to the Artists' Summer Exhibition. The interim period was filled by a longer stay in Paris. First I was in Latvia at the Sympiosium in a fantastic castle in the rugged Latvian landscape, where my work "The Pyramid" of homemade, handmade cotton paper and Latvian felt still adorns the wall - see below:

Brave Family -- 100 x 100 cm -- sold

Empty pistol -- 100 x 100 cm -- sold

Pyramid -- 200 x 150 cm -- Mixed Media -- år 2000 -- sold

From there I went directly to Paris, where I stayed for a long time and where I went to the art academy "Ecole des Beaux Artes". Since I came home at the end of 1998, I have exhibited in many beautiful places (see CV), and have a busy day as an artist. In 2003, I then became a member of the Association of Visual Artists and the Danish Writers' Association's illustrator group, and therefore have the honour of being able to call myself a professional visual artist. In recent years, I have not only been successful in Denmark, but also exhibited and sold abroad.


From 2002, my works become increasingly abstract and imaginative, but always in an expressive figurative style, where space is also used mentally. I now regularly use the collage form in my paintings, where they are part of a universe with a hierarchical perspective, and where color creates depth in space just like in Italian medieval art; For I draw my inspiration both in the present and in the past.


I always paint in series - series that can seem quite different, because my art develops in step with my own development. And that's why, art never stands still… Common to the series is that they always deal with people. I draw much of my inspiration from everyday life and often express common human feelings and moods.


My main purpose is to tell a story! But I leave the interpretation and the experience open! I always leave it up to the viewer to form his own story - whether it agrees with my own, is of less importance. Now I will therefore leave the word to art historian, mag.art. Lise-Lotte Blom, who wrote this about my art in Kunstavisen, 2008:

"Lotte Kjoellers paintings are almost always inspired by human relationships. Often one or two people are depicted in a situation together. Many take place out-of-doors, many in an enclosed interior. Music, relaxation, and dreams appear in many of the works. In 2008 the artist made a series of paintings with the collective title 'Change', to be understood as transformation and change-ie Man's transformation throughout a lifetime. This is expressed through the motive, and the colours are vivacious and expressive. Occasionally gold and silver are used as a scintillating emphasis of movement in a direct or transfered meaning.

Lotte Kjoeller's sculptures, made between 1995 and 2008, are all, as is the case with the paintings, modelled from life. The material is clay with chamotte. The figures are fired, and some are glazed several times with the artists own recipe. Many of the figures, for example 'Grubleren', in fired clay with 'chamotte' 47x21x17cm, expresses marked and speculative sensuality."



I could not express this better myself! My work must be seen - and here you have the opportunity to look at a chosen selection, which I hope that you will enjoy!

Main Exhibitions

Debut at the Artists 'Autumn Exhibition 1995 and then 1996 and the Artists' Exhibition 2000 and 2001.


In addition, exhibitions at:

Koege Skitsesamling.

H.C. Andersen Museum.

Kirsten Kjaer Museum.

Than Mo'r Mail Art Museum.

Museum of Media in Odense.


Ino-cho Paper Museum.

Politiken House.


Nicolai Exhibitionhall.

SAK Exhibitionhall.


VARTe Exhibitionhall.

and many galleries and art associations in Denmark and abroad.

(see data list / CV).


I am a permanent artist in Manet Gallery, Madrid, Spain.

I am a permanent artist in Artifact Gallery, Manhatten, New York


I now have many years of experience in providing drawing and painting instruction from evening schools, art schools and occupational therapy, and now provide private one-on-one instruction in drawing and painting for those, who want personalized instruction. When I teach a single student at a time, it is because it gives the best and most personally targeted result. Here the student can help to decide exactly what he / she wants to learn. We can go in depth with drawing and drawing techniques, or painting and the process of working oneself from sketch to painting. I take as my starting point the student's level, desires and resources, and guide the student to become a better artist or painter, and to gain an insight into the universe of color. I emphasize that being creative must also be a game. I always try to let the student find (or keep) his own style, and provide guidance for both abstract and figurative art; where the student's interest is located. I handle all drawing techniques, and specialize especially in watercolor and acrylic painting. I do not teach oil painting.


The teaching takes place in my studio, Bogholder Allé 66, Vanløse, in Copenhagen, where you as a student come once or several times a month for 2 hours of teaching at a time. Contact me by email or phone and we will find a time to meet. You're welcome. See more about teaching in my drawing and painting school's link on the front page.

Life drawing MODELS WANTED

Are you interested in being a model for me in my studio here in Vanløse, Copenhagen, I would very much like to hear from you. I use life drawing models of both sexes to paint, photograph and draw after. These are now mostly female models I am missing. You just have to be aware that I pay you with drawings / photos and the like. and not with coin. In return, you may use photos, copies of drawings and paintings we make and which you get for eg your website. I use drawings, paintings and photos for exhibitions, competitions and websites. Photos are brought to the press only by mention of exhibitions or. lign. Private sale of photos and photos is allowed. No art is exploited commercially.


The model must agree to have photos published on my websites. We make a model release together. If this has caught your interest, please contact me via my email in contact info below. Feel free to attach a good photo in swimwear - no nude photos! Junk inquiries will be ignored.

Livlober. 340 x 110 cm. Akrylic på canvas, paper, lacquer, soil.


My paintings are almost always acrylic on canvas in the size from 20x20 cm to 1.2x1.5 m, and the price is from approx. DKK 1.500 to DKK 40.000 according to size. The lithographs cost between DKK 800 and DKK 4.000, depending on size, number, and how many printed colors. Drawings cost framed approx. DKK 3.000. I frame my works with a silver frame or wooden frame, unless there is no frame at all for the work. My sculptures of stoneware, are between 15 cm and 60 cm high, and cost between DKK 1.000 and DKK 6.000.


I exhibit in Galleries, art associations and other exhibition venues evenly distributed throughout the year. If you would like to exhibit my art, please feel free to contact me to arrange a time, place and further details. For art associations, I apply in return for a purchase of mine. DKK 4,000 per month. If the exhibition venue is far from Copenhagen, we must negotiate transport. It is a good idea to be in good time, as I exhibit all year and therefore plan a long time ahead. Galleries, art associations and other interested parties are very welcome to contact us by phone or email. My address is at the bottom of this page.


It is possible to buy a work of art directly here from the website. There are several, who do so. You are welcome to contact me by email if you want further information in the form of a work ex. title, size and price. If it is not possible for you to come to Copenhagen in person to see and pick up the picture, I can send the drawing or painting to you - if you pay the costs yourself. You pay me in advance, and once I have received the money, I send the artwork carefully by post (if possible) or another secure shipping option.


Everyone who has signed up for my newsletter at the bottom of the footer is invited to the Open House - and all other art exhibitions - I run. If you want to follow my journey, it is therefore recommended to sign up for my newsletter. You can do this by entering your e-mail at the bottom of the website.


This site is protected by copyright. The images may not be copied, exhibited or edited without prior agreement. If you are in doubt, please contact me by email.


I live and work in Denmark. My workshop is called Ateliér Lk-kunst.dk and is open by appointment. I also hold "Open House" once in a while, where you are welcome to drop by. I accept galleries, art associations, companies, private individuals, etc. - my studio is open to everyone - and with its 50 m2 it can hold some pieces. Should you be interested in further information, or would you like to visit my studio (where of course there are many more than the works shown here), you can contact me by e-mail or phone. The contact information is at contact site on this website.


Postal Address:

Lotte Kjoeller

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