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My Problem is a Problem of a Woman, Ewa Partum Galeria, Łódź, Poland November 2021

Published on 2. oktober 2021 kl. 14.24

From November the 5th until November the 27th 2021, the W Y Gallery and the New Culture and Education Association, in agreement with the ARTUM Foundation ewa partum museum, will host an exhibition at the Art Factory in Łódź – Ewa Partum. Gallery Adres. Place, Situation, Occasion, Offer - presenting the achievements of Adres Gallery, an institution founded by Ewa Partum in Łódź in 1972.The exhibition will present materials collected by the artist in the years 1972-1977 and works by contemporary artists that engage in a dialogue with the history of the Adres Gallery. The exhibition's organizers invite artists to submit their projects, including short films, camera performances or performance scenarios as sound live acts, which will be included at the upcoming exhibition.

In 1972 Ewa Partum founded the independent Galeria Adres (1972-1977) in Łódź, Poland. The gallery fostered international artistic exchange, promoted conceptual art and mail art. It was also a place for the realisation of individual artistic projects by Ewa Partum. In 1974, the artist's first feminist action 'Change' was performed in the gallery. It dealt with the subject of discrimination against women in the social world and in the world of art. This project was developed in later years in the form of the 'Emphatic Portraits – My Problem is a Problem of a Woman' (1974/78) and the performance 'Change: My Problem is a Problem of a Woman' (1979). To stimulate the international exchange of ideas and to counter the political isolation related to the geopolitical situation of the time, the Adres Gallery organized in 1977 the 1st International Film Festival 'Film as Idea, Film as Film, Film as Art'. Scripts for short films, interventions and performances, projects and instructions were sent to the festival.

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