2024: 12-25.10.HeartArtworldwide. HAAG, Nederlands. oktober 2024.

Fernisering d. 12 oktober kl. 15.00


It began with the Artmoney concept in 2012 with a large exhibition ArtmoneyWorldWide in Thy Denmark and continued the following year to Manhattan New York, and further on to other big cities and places, Berlin, Torshavn, Paris, Skagen, and now  den Hague, the following years.

Unique art for little money
Great interest both among the artists and the audience. It was new to be able to acquire unique art for little money, to see hundreds, even thousands of small works at once. The selections are large and diverse, and make people discuss form and color, taste and motifs.
It is a joy to see the interest of people, and to see they start collecting art for little money or they find a special gift for a special person.

3D and various materials
It developed. Fixed sizes with the height free. A lot of experiments took place, concrete, glass, metal, mixed form, slate, photo and all possible colors and shapes. The motifs ranged from the naturalistic to the abstract, from the historical to the modern and a bit into the digital world.

Business card on the windowsill
The artists experimented freely and used the small works as business cards to expose their art to the world. An art work placed on the wall or on a windowsill, you were remembered for a long time. A great advantage over ordinary business cards, which are often forgotten in a pocket.

Shift time
The Artmoney concept changed owners and direction. Heartartworldwide was born to continue in the same direction as ArtmoneyWorldWide out of love for free art and exhibitions without censorship.

In real life or online
Join the list. No obligations – it's free. You will receive an invitation to participate as an artist at the next exhibition or event.
If you are simply interested in art, you will receive an invitation to the openings. Meet some of the artists yourself, in real life or online.

Karen Sennefelder and Anne-Mette Lehrskov

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